The African Caribbean Institute of Jamaica (ACIJ) was established in 1973 as a division of the Institute of Jamaica to deepen public awareness of African cultural retentions and its relationship to other ethnic groups in Jamaica. In 1990, the Jamaica Memory Bank (JMB) was integrated into the ACIJ, forming the ACIJ/JMB. The JMB documents Jamaica’s social history via audiovisual recordings of the memories of senior citizens throughout the country.
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Kirt Henry, Ph. D. Director 


It is my absolute pleasure to share our platform with you where we research, promote, and celebrate the rich legacies of Africa’s presence in Jamaica. With a dynamic history dating as far back as the 1970’s, the ACIJ/JMB has remained committed to its mission which is fulfilled through our research projects, riveting publications, multimedia library, exhibitions, lectures, and high impact outreach activities.

Designated as the Focal Point for Intangible Cultural Heritage in Jamaica, The ACIJ/JMB is one of the finest cultural institutions of its kind, boasting a rich repository equipped with a multi-media reference library and audiovisual collection which houses over six thousand materials on Jamaica’s social and cultural history.

Located at the heart of Downtown, Kingston, this division of the Institute of Jamaica continues to impact the Diaspora as we continue to preserve an archive that encompasses African-Jamaican culture, its relationship with other ethnic heritages, and a comprehensive tapestry of Jamaica explored through language, dance and dress forms, musical traditions, religious practices, culinary delights, herbal medicine practices, festivals, and community histories.

Kirt Henry, Ph. D. Director I warmly welcome you to explore our platform and embark on a journey of discovery. Join us in honoring, safeguarding, and spreading the wonderful legacies of the African presence within Jamaica’s multicultural landscape.


The outreach offered by the ACIJ/JMB seeks to supplement the paucity of information relating to the intangible cultural heritage contributions of Africans, as well as other ethnic groups that is absent from the formal educational system


Febraury and Open House are signature events held annually in Feburary and October to disseminate information about the contribution of traditional cultural retentions to Jamaican belief systems.


Primary focus is to disseminate and archive information on African heritage and its impact on Jamaican culture. It also examines how our African culture relates to other migrant cultures which have become a part of the Jamaican landscape.


The Children’s Corner features articles based on Jamaica’s history and culture. The articles are followed by a fill-in-the–blanks comprehension test.

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