Apart from staging regular exhibitions on forms of African retention in Jamaica culture, the ACIJ/JMB has led several research initiatives in areas such as traditional dance forms, language, folk tales, traditional as well as popular recorded music, social movements, healing practices, and the development of villages in the Caribbean.

Bob Marley

Music forms a distinct part of Jamaica’s cultural identity. As early as the 1920s, there were live concerts in Jamaica which persons attended to hear popular hits performed. Today, Jamaican music has moved away from the humble beginnings and artistes now collaborate with their Hip Hop, Rap, R & B, and even Afro Beat counterparts to create new sounds, giving rise to a new genre of artistes.  

Egungun costume

Egungun is a Yoruba-based masquerade tradition that involves the masked representation of the ancestors who appear at specific events to commune with the living.

Replica of a Ghanaian (Chieftain’s) Stool

The Golden Stool was not only the embodiment of rightful rulership of the the king of the Ashanti (the Asanteheme) but was also the soul of the ruler and, by extension, the  wider Ashanti kingdom.

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