ACIJ/JMB’s Participation in Jamaica Day 2018


The African Caribbean Institute of Jamaica/Jamaica Memory Bank (ACIJ/JMB), a division of the Institute of Jamaica (IOJ), participated in the planning and execution of Jamaica Day 2018 which was celebrated under the theme “Celebrating Jamaica: Nurturing Our Natural and Cultural Heritage.”


The ACIJ/JMB, as the national focal point for Jamaica’s intangible cultural heritage, represented the IOJ on the Civics, Citizenship, and Culture in Education Steering Committee out of which Jamaica Day is planned. For this year’s Jamaica Day celebration, Munro College was placed in the spotlight as it was selected as the national focus school for the celebration.


The ACIJ/JMB mounted a display which highlighted the natural and cultural heritage of the Blue and John Crow Mountains (BJCM). This not only suited the Jamaica Day theme, but was also fitting for the parish of St. Elizabeth which boasts a similar heritage to that of the BJCM in regard to the natural significance of the Cockpit Country and the history and heritage of the Accompong Maroons.


ACIJ/JMB’s exhibition included retractable banners which outline various aspects of Jamaica’s natural and cultural heritage in the BJCM, booklets, artefacts from the Maroon collection, and a presentation of several videos on various aspects of Jamaica’s natural and cultural heritage.


Information was also disseminated through brochures, pamphlets, IOJ’s Jamaica Journal publications, as well as two ACIJ/JMB’s booklets – The BJCM World Heritage Site Activity Booklet and The BJCM World Heritage Site Handbook – which explore the Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Blue and John Crow Mountains World Heritage Site. Discussions were also held with hundreds of adults and students who were on site, and many individuals left contact details with requests to be added to the ACIJ/JMB mailing list.


The ACIJ/JMB’s participation culminated in an interview on Power 106 FM which focused on the importance of Jamaica’s natural and cultural heritage and the role of the IOJ. The ACIJ/JMB’s year-long programme on Reparation, under the theme “From Enslavement to Reparation”, was also discussed.

Students view ACIJ/JMB’s booth display at the Jamaica Day 2018 celebrations held recently at Munro College.