Since the recent inscription of the Blue and John Crow Mountains (BJCM) as a World Heritage Site, the African Caribbean Institute of Jamaica/Jamaica Memory Bank (ACIJ/JMB) launched a public education campaign to foster awareness of the site and its cultural and natural significance.

The public education campaign kicked off with an outreach programme which commenced with presentations to students at schools surrounding the BJCM World Heritage Site on topics such as:

  • African legacies
  • Maroon history and heritage and its relevance to the cultural significance of the site
  • The flora and fauna of the site which contributes to its natural significance.

Through these sessions, students have been made aware of:

  • The meaning of a world heritage site
  • The location of the BJCM protected area and buffer zone on the map of Jamaica
  • The difference between cultural and natural heritage
  • The significance and benefits of having a world heritage site in Jamaica.

The ultimate goal is to instill within the students a sense of pride in their country and to develop their responsibility towards the site.

 The campaign is an ongoing initiative and will eventually target the general population via the website, the distribution of flyers and the mounting of mobile poster exhibitions.

The BJCM site is:

  • A rugged mountain range
  • Measures 26, 252 hectares
  • Spreads across the parishes of St. Andrew, St. Thomas and Portland.

As a mixed site, it is inscribed on the basis of its cultural natural significance, and is one of 32 mixed properties on the World Heritage List of Sites.

 DSC00270 DSC00269 DSC00260 

Mr. Damain Shirley (standing) Education Officer, ACIJ/JMB, delivering an outreach session on the BJCM World Heritage Site at the Yallahs High School, St. Thomas. 

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